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"L’art est un jeu superflu, mais il est le seul utile".

Stelio Scamanga, September 2012

"Scamanga's battle is inside the world of painting. With a full mastery of the painting technique,

he searches  exclusively, the two dimensions ; he strives to grasp the space,

not the dimensions, but its essential mobility.

You can include Stelio Scamanga  in the heart of the Orient,

the Orient of the alchimists and their dreams of pure creation.

Etel  Adnan  

Poet, Artist and writer

"Stelio Scamanga, is among our talented few.

He brought his architectural knowledge to an inborn sensibility of color and form that are tangible and mysterious.

I see a lot of poetry in his imagerie and approach to artistc expression.

His art is typical of our time".

Youssef Al Khal 

Lebanese poet, founder of the "SHIIR" review, and Gallery One the first art gallery in the arab world .

"In some of his paintings, we have the impression of going beyond the limits of painting towards an unknown world that Stelio Scamanga seeks to probe, a truth which is not of this world. What is remarkable is that the painter achieves this mystical depth without ever using geometric depth in his paintings. Quite simply through a play of colors and a continuous movement, which ends in the center of the canvas".

Nelly Helou 

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